Ellen Pei and Emilia Turnbull both are truly experienced professionals.  There is no doubt and I felt that the matter has been clearly understood from different perspectives by them at the first meeting itself. I was quite happy by their way of approaching the matter in a cautious manner to contemplate, work on the clear achievable steps to resolve the matter with a positive outcome. They diligently prepare ahead with the required inputs, not just answers but a clear instruction for clients who have various queries under different situations. Moreover, they have very patient ears to listen to the clients’ instructions on every occasion. They are very straight forward, friendly and work hard towards the best solution for the client. Thank you and I highly recommend them.

Abuthahir A.

Rachel Kim is a very kind and capable lawyer. She solved my problems that troubled me for a long time. She took enough time to listen to us and explain our questions to the best of her ability. She is the best lawyer I’ve ever met. I pay my respect from the bottom of my heart.

Soo K

Very experienced and professional service – I couldn’t have asked for a better law firm. Ellen did an exceptional job in helping me to navigate an extremely difficult separation through to completion. She is efficient, responsive and provides excellent quality advice. Moreover, I felt like she genuinely cares about her clients – she is compassionate yet firm when needed and works hard to get a positive outcome. Thank you for all your support over the past two years! Highly recommend.

Corinne B

The team at Genesis Edge has gone above and beyond my expectations. Both Ellen and Ben went beyond the superficial understanding of my situation that other advisers showed and went through every detail to make sure they had the best possible plan for my case. I would recommend Genesis Edge not only for their professionalism, honesty and thoroughness but for treating me with kindness and empathy in one of the most stressful times of my life.

Clément B

Ellen Pei, Ben Riley and their supporting team are definitely your best chance to win for your family law matter.

After some unsatisfactory experiences with another law practice who failed to progress my matter, I was fortunate to meet Ellen who was refreshingly focused on getting a settlement which was fair and timely. Her advice was always honest and realistic, rather than sugarcoated. We stuck with her when she moved to Jurisbridge and were so glad we did. There we were blessed to also gain the services of her associate, Ben. With a background in accounting, as a family lawyer Ben understood my complex financial affairs, and he was a most diligent and competent guide in putting together all the financial evidence to support my case, and helping me present it in the most compelling but transparent manner.

Ellen thoroughly prepared me for the various stages of the settlement hearings in Court, and strongly pressed the other side by phone, letter, and before the Registrar, to advocate for a sensible and speedy negotiation.

Ellen was also by my side all day in the settlement mediation, and helped me pass through the emotional strain of the negotiations to reach a most favourable agreement.

I can assure prospective clients, Ellen is completely committed to you to achieve the best outcome for you. Sometimes after finishing work and putting together material for my case, I would send an email around midnight thinking it would be reviewed by the team in the morning, but to my amazement I would often get a reply from Ellen within minutes. Although I counselled her such a practice is not good for her health, it certainly demonstrates her dedication, and inspired great confidence in me as her client.

Ellen’s legal expertise is second to none, her work ethics are way above all cohorts in town, yet her down to earth approach and integrity are rare and dear, therefore I wholeheartedly recommend Ellen Pei and her team at Jurisbridge.

Peter W

I will follow Ellen wherever she goes, she is the only lawyer that I know who truly cares about her clients. I feel so comfortable and safe whenever I speak with her. She is always on my side. She would still take my calls and listen to my problems even after my case has been concluded. Ellen is truly a nice and genuine person with the highest moral fibre.

Elena L

I am very happy with the legal services provided by the family law team at Genesis Edge. They are consistent, patient, and professional. Especially lawyer Ellen Pei, she is a specialist in family law with vast experience. Ellen’s family law legal team helped me make the right decisions and guided me throughout the whole divorce process.

Melody Y

Thank you so much for fighting for what is important for me and my children. Without your help, I would not have been able to get through the most difficult time of my life following separation when I felt I was alienated from my own children. On behalf of all the fathers out there who just want to see their children but got rejected, I thank you for voicing our concerns and for standing up for what is right and what matters to my children. I wish more lawyers could see the big picture in a separation battle like my lawyer Ellen did.

Daniel G

I was impressed by Ellen’s professionalism and in-depth understanding of Family Law and the Court processes. I felt like I was respected, listened to and supported throughout the process. I found humanity and honesty that are hard to find anywhere these days. Thank you, Ellen for the care and patience shown to me. I truly appreciate it.

Sarah W

I absolutely adore and love Ellen as a person. I had faith in Ellen the first minute when I saw her. She was always prepared for every event of my matter.  It was so good to see how well prepared and how assertive she appeared in Court compared to the other side’s lawyer. I was so lucky to have her as my lawyer. If you need to have a strong representation in Court, you need to have Ellen’s team by your side. Thank you, Ellen.

Helen Z

I am happy with the way my case has been handled by the Family Law team at JurisBridge Legal. Ellen is unlike any other lawyers that I know. She showed that she genuinely cared about my situation and fought hard for me and my daughter.

I have searched every lawyer in Sydney and found Ellen, she took on my matter with passion and confidence and settled my ‘impossible’ matter in less than 3 months. I have tried to negotiate a property settlement with my husband for years and nearly gave up in despair. Ellen turned my life around; she was the only person who changed my ex-husband’s attitude. I now have a beautiful new life with my daughter with confidence because of Ellen and her legal team.

Linda L

Mr Vincent Huang is not only a fabulous lawyer but also a remarkable person who walked me through the complex legal process. With his utmost professionalism, competency, and passion, Vincent helped me achieve a milestone in my matter. Vincent has always made himself available to me and answered my questions in an easily understood way whenever I needed him. 

I really am appreciative of Vincent’s legal assistance and highly recommend Vincent to anyone for quality legal services.

Leo W

I initially engaged Ellen Pei’s legal services 8 years ago for my commercial matter and my family law matter. I could not be happier about the results that Ellen achieved for me. 

She is still my go to legal adviser today whenever I need legal guidance. Ellen and her team have always been responsive and extremely professional. What I like about Ellen is her pragmatic yet compassionate way of handling any challenging legal issues.  She gets things done. I never had to follow up with her on any of my legal matters. She is an efficient, trustworthy, compassionate and an extremely capable lawyer.

Sara T

Thank you, Ellen for the efficient and painless divorce process.  I would highly recommend Ellen’s legal expertise to anyone who needs a lawyer that understands your needs and circumstances and knows what needs to be done.

Kevin K

I really appreciate your services in solving my divorce case in such a professional way. It was nice working with your team led by Ellen Pei who demonstrated a high level of professional integrity.  I also valued the transparency in billing for services, which really removed my initial concerns of legal costs involved with such a complicated family matter. Thank you again and all the best.

Alex G

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