Mediation & Family Dispute Resolution

Genesis Edge can provide practical advice and guidance to you that will resolve issues fairly without the need to go to Court.


Parties are now required to file a Genuine Steps Certificate demonstrating that they have attempted to resolve their dispute through alternative dispute resolution, at the time of filing an application to start a proceeding (property and/or parenting) in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia or a response to that application.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is not the practice of law, is not therapy, and is not only for Court matters. Mediation is a cost-effective and timely form of alternative dispute resolution as opposed to litigation that helps parties reach a resolution without the need to resort to litigation.

We have represented numerous clients at Mediation. Please contact us  if you need legal representation in Mediation. We will help you with the Mediation process.

Private Mediation Services

We also provide independent mediation services and offer a private end-to-end solution for parents, couples, families, and individuals who are looking to find a positive direction for their future and to deal with their separation confidentially and humanely.

Our Principal, Ellen Pei is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and has experience in mediating disputes across a range of issues including Family Law disputes and Workplace disputes. Ellen’s specialised knowledge of all aspects of Family Law and her in-depth understanding of the associated impact on the parties involved, especially the children, enable her to skillfully guide parties in their attempt to achieve a fair resolution of their issues.  Ellen is available to accept Mediation briefs for both half-day and full-day Mediations.

If you wish to book a Mediation, please check Ellen’s Availability Calendar, select a date and time, and call us on 1300 559 888 or email Ellen to confirm.

Why choose Genesis Edge Mediation Services?

At Genesis Edge, we take a future focused approach to facilitating discussions between the parties and finding solutions to any present obstacles as well as plan a way forward that empowers the parties to determine for themselves the outcome of their conflict.

Our Mediation process:

Step 1 – Initial enquiry

We take your enquiry and communicate with you by phone, email or face to face. We offer a free 20-minute free consultation by phone.

Step 2 – Intake meetings

Our availability is typically within a week of your initial enquiry to conduct intake meetings with both parties. During our intake session with you, we conduct screening of all the relevant issues and disputes to determine if your case is appropriate for Mediation.

There is no waiting list with us. As a general guide, we can conduct your intake sessions and schedule your Mediation day within 14-21 days after the date of the intake meetings. This time frame is significantly shorter than most government-funded centres that usually take up to 3 months to schedule a Mediation.

Step 3 – Mediation Session

If Mediation is suitable for your dispute, we will hold a joint Mediation with you and the other party. We will work around your busy schedule.  We offer private Mediation services in person or by video or phone conference.  Options are available for outside of hours, home visits (by appointment only), online meetings and weekend Mediations where suitable.

Step 4 – Documenting Agreement

Immediately, or within 48 hours after the Mediation, we will draft an Agreement or a parenting plan for both parties to sign if the parties have reached an agreement.


Before filing an application for parenting and/or property Orders, or for a change to an existing parenting Order, there is a legal requirement under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) that parties must participate in Family Dispute Resolution and make a genuine effort to resolve their family dispute. You will need a section 60I family dispute resolution certificate with your application unless exemptions apply, or it is a Consent Order application.

What is Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)?

FDR is a special type of structured Mediation for helping separating or separated families reach their own agreements. Pre-action procedures and FDR process aim to help the parties resolve disputes quickly and avoid having to go to Court. This enables the parties to limit their costs and avoid the stress of going to Court.

Why choose Genesis Edge  FDR Services?

Coming from a strong legal and educational background, and as an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP), registered with the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department (see listing on Family Dispute Resolution Register – to issue statutory certificates under section 60I of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth), Ellen has extensive experience in managing the process of conflict resolution.  She believes that parents should be the decision makers of their own children. Ellen is professionally trained to recognise power imbalances between parties and to take positive steps to encourage and promote parties’ self-determination in Mediation.

Genesis Edge provides cost effective and humane respectful FDR services to parties in conflict over family issues such as:

  • Separation and its impact on children;
  • Living arrangements for children post-separation including parenting plans;
  • Communication between separated spouses/partners;
  • Significant decisions for your children such as schooling, overseas travel, relocation requests and medical choices;
  • Division of property; and
  • Formulating sustainable and practical agreements for future relationships.

If you would like to book a FDR conference and/or make more enquiries, please check Ellen’s Availability Calendar for Mediation/FDR, select a date and time, and contact us on 1300 559 888 or email our accredited FDRP Ellen to confirm. We can consider your individual circumstances and advise you on the most appropriate session structure that suits your needs.


Genesis Edge Law Group is located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. We have the facilities to conduct productive Mediations, including a conference room for joint sessions, and individual rooms for each party and their lawyer, and/or their support person. These facilities provide for sufficient space and break out areas necessary for a safe and confidential Mediation environment. Alternatively, the Mediation may take place at another agreed venue, if more suitable to the parties.

If you are seeking cost-effective and trusted Mediation or FDR services by a nationally accredited Mediator and a registered FDR Practitioner, please call us on 1300 559 888 or contact our Mediator and FDRP directly and book now.

At Genesis Edge, our focus will always be maximising outcomes for you and resolving issues that is in the best interest of everyone involved particularly your children.

All enquiries are treated with the strictest of confidence and are free of charge.

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